DIY home improvements

B&Q, Homebase and a host of local hardware shops have benefited from the huge boom in DIY in the last 20 years. Especially over Easter is estimated that £28 million is spent on tools and materials paints and finishes to improve the UK homes in a single weekend. DIY is big business with being queue and Homebase recording record profits.

home improvementsHowever in many cases although the DIY enthusiast, the dad the boyfriend of the mother the girlfriend are well-intentioned, larger work such as taking down walls plastering or plumbing or installing lighting is best left to the professionals. It is estimated that A&E has over 12,000 visits a year from accidents caused within the home undertaking DIY.

The boom in the Internet has seen a huge increase in the number of individuals who instead of picking up the paint pot the hammer on the nails are using websites to find local tradesmen who can do the work in half the time, using the correct materials, safely and efficiently. Websites advertise on TV saying we have reputable tradesmen on our books used Checkatrade, use ratedpeople use anything but the Yellow Pages you thrown away years ago.

Getting a local tradesman

They actually any better than just randomly searching Google phone electrician London and hoping that you come across one that isn't a cowboy isn't in a burn down your house and is in charge you a fortune the changing a fuse. The answerers possibly. Recently we tried Checkatrade and contacted five plasterers to finish a single wall in our house where we had installed a fireplace and not really thought the project through.

First we tried email which was a waste of time secondly we telephoned mobile phones and left messages and spoke to workers. Eventually we found a British worker who would come round" unfortunately he didn't turn up. We went back to Google typed in the right search and found a local company who are based across the road they came round and fix the work the next day cost £300 or good.

I think the surge in DIY is soon can turn into an avalanche of users wanting to use the Internet to find a builder plumber plasterer safe in the knowledge that they have worked all week and now have the money to employ someone who can do a better job while they sit back and watch the football.